✨What's New

Fixed signup for new admin subdomain

Fixed a bug for apps failing newly created Shopify accounts that load under new admin.shopify.com domain.

Shopify App Embeds

We have added full support for Shopify's new App Embeds! Shopify customers can now activate and manage the app from within the Theme Editor.

Login with Pasilobus

You now have a unified account with Pasilobus to login to all our apps and services. Next time you login you will be asked to authorize your Pasilobus account or create one at cloud.pasilobus.com

Introducing Age Restriction

We are happy to announce a brand new feature, "Age Lock". Prompt users to enter their age before using your site. Plus, you can select the minimum age required to access your site.

Available on all paid plans.

Better Screenshot Locks

We made some improvements to Screenshot Lock to better detect keyboard shortcuts.

Additionally, we are introducing an aggressive mode* to Screenshot Lock so you can block any keyboard shortcut. Useful to block out savvy users that change their system's default shortcut.

*Screenshot Lock (Aggressive mode) is available on Premium plans.

Redesigned Locks page

We redesigned the Locks page with a sidebar list so it's easier to move between categories.

Get started using our video tutorials

To get started with our ever-growing list of locks and features, we have added video tutorials on our welcome screens to guide you.

Quick Disable Switch

We're launching a new status page where you can easily toggle all features on and off, as well as fast access the most regularly utilized areas. This is very beneficial when working on your Shopify store. You can quickly deactivate and then reactivate the app when you're finished.

New Watermark Wizard

We've added a new watermark wizard to Cybarmor. You may now add permanent watermarks to your photographs using this new wizard. Simply upload the image on which you want to add a watermark, adjust the settings, and save. On the following page, you can download and upload your watermarked image to your online store.

Introducing Country Restrictions

You can now lock visitors from certain countries using our new Restrictions feature. Try it now!

Photolock is now Cybarmor

Photolock had grown so much in the past couple of years, it is not just a tool to protect your photos anymore, it's a full-fledged security tool for your website and business. We wanted to have a brand that reflected all that.

Cybarmor, our redesigned security suite, is here to help. You'll discover your familiar photo and website locks, as well as new security features like Country and IP limitations, Watermark Wizard, and more!

Check out Cybarmor at www.cybarmor.app

Performance boost

We made some improvements under the hood to make the app faster for you.

New locks available

We added new locks aimed at specific browser featured that might interfere Photolock: - Identify if Brave's Shields technology is actively blocking our domain. Learn more about it here. - Detect when a browser's tracking protection prevents Photolock from loading.

Shopify login

We've fixed a bug happening during authentication via Shopify accounts. Certain browsers were experiencing a crash at their first login attempt. This has been fixed so Shopify will successfully connect.

Install the app on your home screen

You can now install the app on your device for easy access and manage your settings anytime. Learn more

Available for all websites

Photolock™ is now available for all sites, not just Shopify. Go ahead and try it out!

App redesign


We have redesigned the app from the ground app to make it easier to navigate, especially on mobile devices.

Shopify users will be required to upgrade through their Shopify store to get the new design.